Welcome to AutoFocus

Looking for something a little bit different? Well you've come to the right place. Featuring news, interviews and blogs, AutoFocus aims to satisfy your motorsport cravings, whatever they may be.


What is AutoFocus?

The idea for AutoFocus is to be a one-stop shop for motorsport content. Whatever your preference, be it F1, Endurance Racing, RallyX or any sort of behind-the-scenes stories, we want you to be able to find something you like here.
AutoFocus is still in its infancy, but we want it to grow! 

Our main writer currently is also our founder - Laura, but she's eager to get other people on board, either as main contributors or simply with a guest post or two. If you're interested, please visit our Contact page for more information. 

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The Lady who Started It

The original AutoFocus website was started back in 2012 by Laura Donaghy. It's changed a lot since the first website and now functions as the motorsport blog you see today.

A trained forensic chemist turned social media geek, Laura made the choice to sit on the internet for a living following a rather interesting year in 2010. While recovering from Guillain-Barre syndrome, she realised that her original science-y career goals may not have been within reach anymore so she turned to her other passion - racing. 

Her ultimate goal is now to bring people closer to the sport they love through both social media and blogging - hence the existence of AutoFocus. If you told 15-year-old Laura that she'd be writing motorsport articles and running a website for a living, she'd have laughed in your face, but life's funny like that. 

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